Publications and Presentations

  1. 後藤英昭, 原田寛之, 中村素典, ``キャンパス無線eduroamと次世代ホットスポットの最新動向 (Updates on eduroam and the Next Generation Hotspot),'' 大学ICT推進協議会 2019年度年次大会 論文集 TH2-2, 2019. (paper, slides)
  2. Hideaki Goto, ``Updates on eduroam/NGH and City Wi-Fi Roaming 2018-2019,'' Mobility Day, TNC19, 2019. (slides)
  3. 原田寛之, 後藤英昭, ``学術無線LANローミング基盤eduroamと次世代ホットスポット基盤Cityroamのキャンパスへの展開 (Deploying a Campus-Wide Wireless Network: eduroam and the Next Generation Hotspot Infrastructure Cityroam),'' 大学ICT推進協議会 2018年度年次大会 論文集 MA1-5, 2018. (paper, slides)
  4. Kazunari Irie and Hideaki Goto, ``Automatic Roaming Consortium Discovery and Routing for Large-Scale Wireless LAN Roaming Systems,'' 2018 IEEE 23rd International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD), pp.374-379, 2018. (paper)
  5. Hideaki Goto, ``Cityroam, Providing Secure Public Wireless LAN Services with International Roaming,'' RTUWO'18 Advances in Wireless and Optical Communications, pp.204-208, 2018. (paper, slides)
  6. Hideaki Goto, ``eduroam on Passpoint/NGH Updates and the City Wi-Fi Roaming,'' Mobility Day, TNC18, 2018. (slides)

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